‘Thor: The Dark World’: New Trailer!

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of Hans Zimmer writing score to The Dark Knight, Marvel has graciously honored Zimmers’ work with the new trailer for Thor: The Dark Kni—ur, uh—World. Thor: The Dark World. There, covered that one up pretty well. And they said that I needed a new delete key. You can’t trust those Gateway Stores. Oh, right, back to what I was talking about.

Anyway, it’s been about two minutes without a CGI spaceship crashing through a city building, so I guess this is a healthy change of pace from the breather I was just enjoying. This is, however, the first movie to feature such CGI carnage with a reasonably charming and personable lead. Where would we be without you, Stellan Skarsgård?

I’ll cross my fingers in hopes that Rene Russo gets a line or two in this one. I haven’t gone through this much Russo withdrawal since the time between my two screenings of Tin Cup in the summer of ’96.

Anyway, gets your rocks off to this trailer. It actually is pretty good, despite what the guys at the Gateway Store will tell you.

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