Brilliantly Canceled: The Jeff Dunham Show

ImageOn Brilliantly Canceled, I look at quickly and unceremoniously canceled TV shows. Sometimes it’s a critical look, other times, a historical one, the shows generally have one thing in common: they are terrible.

This week I reviewed The Jeff Dunham Show. Opening to huge ratings and starring one of the most popular comics in the country, the show went into a tailspin in the second episode. Check out why over at Splitsider.

The show premiered to huge numbers with 5.3 million people tuning in to see Peanut’s groundbreaking interview with Brooke Hogan. It was the highest-rated first episode in Comedy Central history. The success, built by a massive marketing campaign, was short lived, however; by week two, all curious and new viewers checked out and ratings dropped 66%.

Critics eviscerated the show. One review, entitled “The Jeff Dunham Show is the Worst Thing in the Whole World,” had nothing but negative things to say about Dunham and his “racist, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-semitic, [and] shithead puppets,” declaring him “THE ABSOLUTE FUCKING WORST DUDE IN THE WORLD.”

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